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Seasonal & General Automotive Tips

At TRM Automotive Services in Pennsauken, New Jersey, we appreciate your business but we also don’t want you coming in more than you have to! Check out these automotive tips for car care seasonally and all year round.

Winter Tips 

1. Warming Up
A good general rule to start with—always warm up your car or truck before you go driving in the winter. Revving a cold engine causes additional wear, and a warm car with cleared windows is much more safe and comfortable to get into.

2. Windows
Ice-covered windows are not only a pain; they are unsafe. Prevent ice from covering your windshields during a storm with these tricks. Put a large, flattened piece of cardboard or the floor mats from your car over the windshield, when parking during a storm. When it’s time to leave again, remove the covering. Your windshield will be clear and ice-free without any scraping. Large garbage bags taped together and laid across the windshield, closed in the doors, also protect against ice buildup.

3. Gas Tank
Keep your gas tank at least half-full, decreasing the chances of moisture forming in the gas lines and possibly freezing.

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4. Stay with Your Car
If you are stuck in a snowstorm do not try to walk for help. Stay with your car. It's very easy it's lose sight of your car and become lost.

General Tips 

1. Spend a little now & save a lot later!
This is welcome car care advice for consumers facing tough economic times. Each of us should know the car care our vehicles need to keep them in good running condition.

2. The average car and light truck on American roads has reached a record age of 9.4 years, according to a recent survey by R.L. Polk & Co. With new car sales down, consumers across the country are looking to get the most out of their existing cars and to save money whenever possible. However, spending a little more today on the right maintenance routine with quality products and trusted service technicians can help save money over the long run.

Contact us to find out more great automotive tips from our auto repair shop.